Redopapers is founded by Linde and Tille. They share a love for paper, design and entrepreneurship. All with sustainability as a foundation. Redopapers grew out of passion. Now, this passion is carried forward by the brand and everything it does.

in action

Where others just see paper waste, we see a valuable resource. Every resource we repurpose, means less new resources used. Redopapers gives new life to paper waste and surpluses. Our paper products are beautiful design objects, but also practical tools to plan your life. They can guide you through your day, your week, your month or even your year. We hope you will take pleasure in having them around you everyday. But mostly, that you use them extensively.


way of working

The way we work can be summarised in four concepts: design, local, humane, innovative.

Redopapers believes in the power of beauty. That’s why we create paper products with a unique look and feel. Almost all our products are made in our own workshop in Antwerp, with paper sourced from local printing companies. The products that are not made inhouse don’t go very far either. Where possible, we work with people from vulnerable groups in our production process. They help us in our workshop or through social enterprises and finish our products to the highest standards.

We always have innovation in mind. Our production process, our company structure and our products are continually being improved. We want to help you better organise and plan your days, make the process more enjoyable and make your life easier.

and partners

We can do a lot just by ourselves, but we are so much stronger when we team up. We work together closely with cultural centres and printing companies. They supply us with most of the paper we work with. The points of sale are our close allies that help us distribute our products.

On top of that we rely on the support of our long-term partners.

Our designs are printed by ZwartOpWit, a printing company that shares our philosophy and mission. The printing process used by ZwartOpWit enables us to print the unused paper from the main printing job in one single operation. This saves us a huge amount of time but primarily: less paper waste. And that’s the main point.

If we couldn’t rely on the great people from day centre Katrinahof, our production process would run a lot less smoothly. Katrinahof is a non-profit that works with disabled people and supports them in developing their skills and qualities. In return, they support us with assembling our products. The work they do is high quality and fast and we learn from each other, which is exactly what we need.



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