Let's bring summer home

Are you working from home? Or have you just returned from vacation and are you longing for a summer vibe? We listed 10 tips & tricks for an instant summer at work or holiday at home feel:

  1. Write down 1 to do every day that makes you feel summery. For example: making coffee on a gas fire in the garden.
  2. Work outside. With your feet in a bowl of water, sunglasses on, and a refreshing drink at hand. Need a sunshade for your laptop? Maybe you can use use a piece of cardboard. Handy!
  3. Need ideas? Walk around, talk out loud, sing and dance with your bare feet in the grass. With pen and paper, your creativity will come naturally.
  4. Plan a camping weekend away shortly after your vacation. Your vacation feeling will come back instantly!
  5. Take breaks and make a work of art from all the culture coupons you kept. A notebook full of summer memories!

Image holiday at home

  1. Paint or sketch. Take a mental picture of a summer spot and let your pencil do the rest. Nothing more uplifting than color in your home, right?
  2. Create a recipe book full of fresh dishes. Salad with watermelon and mint, that's already one!
  3. Pimp your birthday calendar and organize BBQs for your birthday friends.
  4. Create a summer decor in your living room, take pictures and send them as postcards to distant friends.
  5. Keep a summer diary to become aware of the beautiful moments and the sun that has been shining.

Image create a summer decor