Can I purchase Redopapers products for my company?

Of course! We offer a discount for businesses to make the choice even easier.
Click here for all the information.

Can I have a Redopapers product personalised?

Yes you can! Every product from our webshop can be customized, for example with your logo.
However, we can only offer this to companies and at a minimum order quantity. Find out more here.

What makes the production process sustainable?

All Redopapers products are made from waste from the graphic industry. Redopapers actively searches out leftover materials and examines them in detail. We explore which beautiful products and planning tools we can create with the materials available. This means our design process is the other way around. We start from the characteristics of the materials and design from there. This means we never add “new” paper which generates “new” waste. Sustainability is in the DNA of Redopapers. This extends to every part of the operation of the company. Some examples: wrapping shipments in reclaimed paper, using eco-friendly paper tape and minimising transportation.

I am a printing company/cultural centre/museum/gallery/… and I want to offer unusable paper surplus to Redopapers

That makes us very happy. Just one bit of clarification. Unfortunately, we cannot use all types of paper waste. The requirements for us to be able to repurpose paper can be found here. If the paper does not fit these requirements, we sadly can’t accept it.

What are the shipping costs?

For delivery to an address in Belgium you pay €3,50. Delivery to any other EU country, you can calculate the shipping costs when finalizing your order. We unfortunately don’t ship outside of the EU. Sustainability is in our DNA, so this is a conscious choice. 

Upon shipping your order, you will receive an email from Bpost containing a tracking number. Enter this number on www.bpost.be to see the status of your shipment. Have you not received an email? Check your spam folder.

What is the expected delivery time?

Your orders are always shipped on the Thursday following the day you ordered.
Standard delivery time within Belgium is one to eight working days.
Standard delivery time within Europe is two to twelve working days.

Where can I buy Redopapers products?

You can buy directly from us through the Redopapers webshop. Here you can find the complete collection.
Do you prefer buying from an actual store because you want to touch, smell and choose the product when holding it in your hand?
In that case we suggest one of the beautiful stores that sell our products.

Want to become a point of sale?

Do you want to sell Redopapers in your store? You can!
Get in contact with us: hello@redopapers.com.

Does Redopapers work with any other resources besides paper?

For the moment paper is our most important resource. However, the covers of our agendas and booklets are made from plastic banners.
We don’t rule out working with other materials in the future.

I am a stylist/journalist/photographer/… and I want to use Redopapers products in my work.

We’re flattered. In certain cases we can loan products. Also, we have pretty packshots of our products available. Contact us with your specific question and we will see how we can help: hello@redopapers.com

I want to work together with Redopapers

Great! We would love to hear from you. Are you a company or a store and do you want to work with us? Or do you have waste paper to donate? Find out the possibilities here: https://redopapers.com/examples/

Can I attend a Redopapers workshop?

Unfortunately not. We have organised bookbinding -workshops for many years, but stopped doing them. We do regularly offer DIY tips in our newsletter and social media.


I am not a company. I have waste paper at home, can I donate it?

Thank you for thinking of us! That is possible under certain conditions. We would love to save all types of paper, however small the volume. Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment. We can only work with larger volumes of donated paper waste that meet the following requirements: https://redopapers.com/save-paper-waste/ 

Returns & exchanges (what if I change my mind?)

We happily take back or exchange your unused and unopened (wrapper still in place) product within 14 days of receipt. You don’t need to give a reason. Simply send us an email telling us you want to return or exchange a product. The return shipping fee is paid by you.

Still haven’t found an answer to your question? Let us know at hello@redopapers.com


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