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Do you want to thank your employees or customers? Are you looking for a beautiful, practical and sustainable gift? Then you are in the right place.

Every product from our webshop can be customized, for example with your logo. We offer a discount to businesses to make the choice even easier.

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Interested in adding our products to your shop? It’s possible!
Go to our retail webshop. Order. Checkout. Done.
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Pretty paper please

Does your company or organisation have paper surplus and you don’t just want to throw it out? Contact us, we can save it. Your donation is very much appreciated.

Sadly, we cannot repurpose any and all types of paper. It needs to meet certain standards for us to be able to work with it. If your paper meets the requirements below, we will gladly give it a second life:


  • Posters with a matte finish (uncoated)
  • Paper with one or both sides blank, at least A4 in size
  • Large plastic banners
  • Cardboard boxes



  • Posters with glossy finish (coated)
  • Posters with prints on both sides
  • Flyers, tickets, greeting cards,…
  • Envelopes
  • Rolled up paper

Want to donate? Email us:


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