Redopapers - Black Friday

Black Friday: Temporary 20% surcharge on all our products

… you probably just read that sentence twice. But you read it right. Only this weekend (24-25-26 November) we spoil you with a price increase of 20% on all our products. The surcharge you pay will be doubled by us and donated to Natuurpunt.

The hidden truth of cardboard boxes

You may not be aware, but paper and cardboard can’t be recycled indefinitely. With each recycling round, the paper pulp loses fibre - and therefore quality. These devalued fibres are supplemented with new fibres to produce the high-quality paper you come to love. Simply put: the paper you love to write on, contains more new fibres than your pizza box.

We Wrapped Your Order in Leftovers

But something’s shaking … With the rapid growth of e-commerce and increasing demand for shipping boxes, the cardboard industry has turned the paper industry upside down. How? By buying large quantities of high-paper quality paper pulp and processing it directly into cardboard. This means vital steps in the recycling process are being skipped. What a waste!

Green friday: for the love of paper & forests

As a sustainable paper brand, we try to escape this circus. High-quality paper recycles up to 7 times before it becomes cardboard. By saving beautiful paperwork from the bin and use it for our products, we double it’s lifecycle. We do the same with our shipping boxes: every cardboard box is saved from the bin.


On Black Friday we like to go the extra mile to make it a Green one, by increasing our prices. Do you buy on November 24-25-26? You’ll pay a surcharge of 20% on all our products, which will be doubled by us and and go straight to Natuurpunt for better forest management. Because that’s where it all starts.

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