How much do I have to pay for shipping?

At checkout, shipping costs are automatically calculated based on your destination. To keep shipping costs as low as possible, we bear part of the costs. Free shipping is therefore unfortunately not possible.

Within which region does Redopapers ship?

Redopapers only ships within Europe. That is a conscious and sustainable choice.

Where is my order?

Your order is shipped the following Monday. After shipment, a parcel within Belgium takes 1 - 8 working days on average. The normal shipping time within Europe is 2 - 12 working days.

After shipment you will receive an email from Bpost with a tracking number.  You can enter this number on the Bpost website and track your order. Didn't receive an e-mail? Please check your spam folder.

Haven't received your shipping confirmation or is the status of your order still "open"? Then please feel free to contact us at: shop@redopapers.com.

Can I pick up my order in Antwerp?

How nice that you are thinking about sustainable options. If you’re in the area, you can choose our local pickup option at no extra cost. Come say hi and grab your package in person.

Exchange & Return

What if I change my mind about my order?

You have the right to exchange or return your order within 14 calendar days. You do not have to give a reason for doing so. Just send us an email and tell us you want to exchange or return. The product must be in good condition, with the paper wrap still attached. The shipping costs for returning your order are for you.

Maybe we didn’t answer your question completely. Do you have a specific question? Contact us: shop@redopapers.com.

Can I deliver my return package in Antwerp?

That is of course possible. Send us an email at shop@redopapers.com when you want to come by.

How do I return something?

If you want to return your parcel, send us an email at shop@redopapers.com. Bring the parcel to our workshop by appointment or return it by post to Redopapers BV, Luchthavenlei 7b, 2100 Deurne. As soon as we’ve received your package in good condition, we take care of the refund.

The product I ordered is damaged. What should I do?

Send us an email with photos of the damage within 2 days of receipt. This way we can further arrange it. You’ll receive a compensation or new products.

When and how will I receive my refund?

You will be refunded the same way you paid for your order. First you will receive a confirmation email when we paid the refund. You will then receive the amount as fast as possible, most likely on the same day, on your account. Did you pay with a credit card? Then you will receive the amount on your credit card statement within 14 days.


How is the production process of Redopapers so sustainable?

All our paper products are made from waste from the graphic industry. We actively look for residual materials and examine them in detail. After that, we start thinking of our design and the beautiful products and planning tools we could make of the available materials. This makes our production process different from the usual process. We start from the available waste materials before we start designing our product.

We do not add new paper, so there is no new waste created. Sustainability is in the DNA of Redopapers. We apply our sustainable approach to every aspect of our company. For example: we ship orders in used paper materials, we use ecological paper tape to seal your orders and we limit our transportation as much as possible.

Does Redopapers extract raw materials?

No, we do not extract new raw materials, instead we use existing materials. Within every industry - in our case the graphic industry - raw materials inevitably end up being waste. That's the point where we change direction. By giving new life to paper waste from print companies and cultural institutions, we are getting closer to a circular economy. Besides: we love paper! This specific way of working gives us the opportunity to process beautiful sheets of old paper into a practical and aesthetically unique design product.

Does Redopapers work with materials other than paper?

Yes, the covers of our agendas and notebooks are made from plastic banners from the cultural sector. 

Although paper is our main raw material, we consistently look for waste streams to give new purpose too.

Where are your products being produced?

Redopapers produces locally. Our raw materials come from local print companies and cultural houses. Almost all steps in our production process take place in and around Antwerp.

What does your production process look like?

We start from waste. First we look for the available waste streams, only then we start designing our product. 

The selection of the paper we use is done personally at local print companies. The prints that are chosen determine the identity of our planners, to-do lists and notepads. It is incredibly exciting to cut different misprints each time. The result that emerges is always surprising. This way, every product is unique.

At print company Zwartopwit, we print our designs directly on paper waste streams using smart software. This means an enormous amount of time saved for Redopapers and above all: less paper waste. Curious how this works exactly? Read more about it here.

What is a coptic or saddle stitch binding?

In our notebooks and agenda that have a coptic binding you can see a chain stitch on the back of the book. The coptic binding ensures that the book falls flat open. This way, you can make full use of every page. The binding is firm, but also offers a lot of flexibility.

Can I write easily on every paper type?

Most of our products consist of a mix of paper types. The variation in weight and structure gives a surprising end result. All paper types are uncoated and therefore easy to write on. Both with a normal pen, a fountain pen and a pencil.

Are Redopapers products recyclable?

Yes, all Redopapers products can be recycled. But before you start recycling, there are still many options left. How about wrapping your next gift with our prints? Turn it into a nice envelope, stick it on the wall or frame it. Write from left to right and from right to left and use every little piece of the paper. When there is nothing left to use the paperware for, put it in the bin for old paper. 

Do you have a product with a reusable cover? When the book is completely full order a refill that fits your Redocover perfectly.

Gift vouchers & Discounts

Does Redopapers work with vouchers or gift cards?

Absolutely! Choose from various amounts and get your digital gift voucher delivered straight to your inbox. This allows your friend to browse our paper collection online and have their chosen gift shipped directly to their doorstep. 

TIP: Print the voucher on a nice piece of paper that you have at home. Extra original!

I received a gift voucher. How do I redeem it?

Fill your shopping basket with your favorite stationery in our shop. At the checkout, enter the unique code mentioned on the gift voucher. The amount of your order will automatically be deducted from the total amount of your gift voucher. 

Do you have any budget left? The remaining amount will be available on your gift card. Use the same code again later.

What happens to my credit or gift card in case of a refund?

If you have returned your order and we received it well, we will automatically update the balance on your gift card.

For companies

Can I buy Redopapers products for my company?

Sure you can! We offer a corporate discount on all products to make your choice even easier. Read all about it here.

Can I personalize my Redopapers product?

Yes you can! Do you have old banners lying around? Give them a new life as sustainable covers for our notebooks and personalize them with your own logo! Or choose from our sustainable options.  Read all about it here.

I am a stylist/journalist/photographer/... and I want to use Redopapers products.

Kind of you to think of us. We are open for interviews. We also have beautiful packshots of our products available. Contact us with your specific question and we will help you: hello@redopapers.com.

Points of Sale

Where can I buy Redopapers products?

Redopapers has a webshop. You will always find the complete collection here. Do you prefer not to buy online because you like to smell or feel before you choose? Then you can go to one of our beautiful points of sale.

I would like to become a point of sale.

Do you work in a shop and would you like to become a Redopapers point of sale? That is possible!

Please contact us: shop@redopapers.com.

Can I come to your studio and buy something there?

We'd love to see you at our workshop! To ensure we're available when you stop by, simply send us an email at shop@redopapers.com and we'll coordinate a convenient time for you to visit.


How do I receive an invoice of my purchase?

When ordering, enter your company details and you will automatically receive an invoice within 3 days.