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How to use a One Line a Day Journal

A One Line a Day Journal is made to write down short sentences each day, for the next three years. After three years, you’ll be able to read back on what you thought, felt or did on a particular day.

If you ask us - it’s one of the most accessible ways of journaling. We gladly share our most helpful tips for getting started with One Line a Day.

Tip #1: Find your ‘Why’

Because of the limited number of lines per day, it's best to choose your favorite method beforehand. Start with a simple question: Why do I want to keep this journal?

Methods of keeping a One Line a Day Journal:

  • Gratitude: train your brain to think more positively by writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day.
  • For (brand new) parents: since the birth of Linde's son, she’s been taking a moment every day to reflect on his rapid growth and first milestones.
  • Daily journal: briefly pause and slow down each day, without (having to) fill many pages.
  • Dream journal: write down your last night’s dreams every morning.
  • ...

The possibilities are endless, but start with yourself and your personal 'why'.

Tip #2: Just do it

Are you the not-thinking-go-doing type? Very good! First and foremost, the pages of a One Line a Day Journal are completely yours. Still need a quick tip to get started? Use half of the space to write down what you did, the other half for what you felt.

Redopapers One Line a Day Journal

“Quick tip to get started with One Line a Day? Use half of the space to write what you do, the other half for how you feel.”

Tip #3: Avoid long sentences

The space in a One Line a Day Journal is intentionally limited. To make the most of the lines, it's best to avoid long sentences. Stick to the essentials and choose each word deliberately.

Use initials, rather than full names, to save extra space. Feel free to leave out passive verbs such as to be/being/are. Icons or drawings also help to better reflect your feelings of the day: use smileys, suns, rainy clouds, hearts ... or go all out if you are a drawing talent!

Redopapers One Line a Day Journal

Tip #4: Create a writing routine

A small thing for seasoned journalists, but a challenge for beginners: create a writing routine. We're happy to share some tips:

  • Put your One Line a Day Journal where you can see it. Don't hide it in a closet or drawer, but keep it in plain sight. Choosing an eye-catching cover can definitely help with that!
  • Choose a writing spot where you can unwind. On your nightstand, at your desk or maybe even on the toilet? A place where you can take at least 5 minutes of conscious rest for yourself.
  • Pair your new writing routine with an existing one. Just before bed, with your morning coffee, after your daily meditation, when coming home from work ... by pairing new habits with existing ones, you create a new routine faster.

Missed a few days? What a terrible disaster ... not at all, that is :) Keeping a journal is solely for yourself. But even the best habits can sometimes use a little push. Creating routine helps to take better care of yourself.

“Creating routine helps to take better care of yourself.”

Tip #5: protect your One Line a Day Journal

A protective cover for your paper journal is essential. Your One Line a Day Journal is made to last 3 years ... so it must be able to withstand a little rough handling.

Our covers are made from old plastic advertising banners. This is not only the must durable choice, but also excellent protection for spilled coffee :)

Choose your favorite cover and enjoy your One Line a Day Journal.

P.S. Do you have any other tips? We'd love to share them on our channels. Feel free to email us at

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