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Paper waste as raw material, paper love as fuel

At Redopapers we have a soft spot for paper. Waste paper, to be precise. That is why we only use surplus paper for our diaries, notebooks, planners, and other paper products. Not just any leftovers, by the way, but paper scraps from the highest shelf. Because to us, waste is not the end but a beginning.

Image paper leftovers © RanaVanPellecom

© RanaVanPellecom


In printing works, piles of paper are thrown away every day. A real pity. Because often it is beautiful paper, usable paper - paper that does not belong in the bin at all. That’s why we make it our business to turn these paper scraps and surpluses into new paper products. Handy to-do lists, sturdy bullet notebooks, well-organized weekly and monthly planners: all the pretty paper you can find on our webshop.

We love selecting surplus paper from local printing companies. Though we like to go a step further. At our partner in print, ZwartopWit, for example. With the help of advanced software, we make full use of white space and print our products directly on residual paper. This means that we recycle waste during production. Hurray for efficiency!

Image framed scraps © RanaVanPellecom

© RanaVanPellecom


To be clear: we do not recycle paper. We do not process surplus paper into pulp to make new sheets. What do we do? We work with original, usable sheets of waste paper - blank or unprinted on one side. Think of banners and beautiful posters from cultural houses or museums and discarded paper that could pass for new. In other words: leftovers that don't look like waste at all.

We are happy to climb into the container for these scraps. Because the most valuable and fun part is collecting and recovering paper. In our warehouse, you will find heaps of it. Neatly stacked, sorted - and sometimes even framed - by color, format, and thickness.

Image Linde piling paper © RanaVanPellecom

© RanaVanPellecom

Since we rely on surplus sheets to make our paper products, a combination of unpredictability, chance and excitement is part of the job - and that's what we enjoy most. Because that same unpredictability leads us to surprising cuts every time. The result: no two products are ever the same. Waste has never been so beautiful!

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