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The peace of writing

Fact: writing on paper brings peace to our minds. Numerous studies confirm this. Those who pen down their thoughts and feelings create space in their heads. Therapists advise their clients to write off, teachers recommend taking notes, and writing is always on the list of planning tips. But why is it that writing things down brings about so much?


Writing helps us remember things. While writing, we process information better than while typing. The reason for that is our writing speed: we type faster than we write. We can type almost verbatim what is said, and we can follow the pace of speech. On the contrary, as we write, we have to make choices and select important information. As a result, we work harder mentally when we write.

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Writing down ideas, thoughts, feelings, or tasks, helps us to structure them. Our heads can be quite a merry-go-round. We struggle with different to-dos that keep haunting our minds. Some people have difficulties finding peace because of this. As soon as you settle down with a coffee, the to-dos pop up. However, when you write them down you no longer need to remember them. Your to-dos are then clearly laid out on paper. You can pick them up as soon as you have made room for them in your schedule. This way, there is free space in your head for something else.

If you can't get your plans or to-dos clear, it helps to write them down. While writing, you process the information, and you can bring an overview of what is needed. Do you feel panic coming up because of an approaching deadline? Quickly make a schedule. The overview on paper can be enough to make you feel calmer.


'It's there in black and white'. Behind that statement is a great truth, because anything written down is visible to everyone. It is real. In general, agreements on paper are found very important. Contracts, agreements, clauses, etc. are often written down and signed. Because when they are there on paper, they are tangible and irrefutable for everyone. When you later re-read the intentions, thoughts, or feelings that you wrote down, you will see that they become a lot more definite. For example, would you like to go to the yoga studio twice a week? Write down the intention of doing so and put it in a visible place. The regular confrontation with your written intent makes it more credible. But: don't be too hard on yourself if you don't make it to the yoga mat once in a while.

Redopapers developed several products that can help you organize your thoughts. From to-do lists for those who like to keep it short and to the point, to notebooks for the poets among us. Find out which tool suits you best. A little more peace in the head is worth a lot.


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