Unique cutouts and booklets with exclusive covers

Unique street images on your booklet

Redopapers and Brussels Street Photography Festival join forces! At the 2019 outdoor edition of the festival, different banners showed the work of talented street photographers.

Did you miss the festival? Then we might put a smile on your face.

Out of those beautiful banners, we cut out different pieces. Each particle gets its own meaning. The result? Unique cutouts and new booklets with exclusive covers. You will never run into anyone with the same cover again! This way, the art of many street photographers revives in the shape of our handy and beautiful booklets. A booklet you can show off with.

Image Linde preparing banner cutouts
Image banner surpluses

And, there is more. BSPF is not just an exhibition of global street photography, the festival has a specific purpose.

What better way to reveal a city's identity than to show what happens on its streets? The festival sees street photography as an urban research tool, a form of cultural communication and visual art. Photography with a mission: capturing and showing the two-dimensional identity of Brussels. Both the local and global character of our capital city.

Street photography is becoming increasingly popular. And the festival aims to tell, by inspiring photographers and creating awareness. The talents who photograph the streets, from enthusiasts to recognised photographers, are a community that continues to grow. Read more here.

Image Brussels Street Photo Festival banners
Image Redopapers BSPF booklets

Curious about the final product you can show your piece of photography with? The booklet not only has an eye-catching cover, but you can also use all your creativity in it. The large blank pages invite reflection, exuberant drawings, and any writings that come to mind. Like a blank canvas for everyone starting from scratch.

Image BSPF booklet cover
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