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Daily Planner

Daily Planner

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From work meetings, to lunch dates, and everything in between, with our daily tear-off planner you can stay on top of your schedule while leaving room for life's little surprises.

Technical specifications

Approx. 60 pages - 14 x 20 x 1,2 cm (l x w x h) - Cold glued - Mixed paper and weight.

100% waste

Our planners are made with 100% waste paper. Read more

Local production

Redopapers are handmade in Antwerp using locally-sourced waste materials from print and art houses, reducing our environmental footprint. Read more

Local pickup and delivery

We have delivery available for all European orders. If you’re in Belgium and your order is over 50 EUR, shipping is on us!

Recycled packaging

We wrap your order in leftovers. That’s why you might soon be holding a cut-up (yet sturdy!) envelope.

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Tidy your mind with a trusty notepad planner. Whether you prefer a mini pad for quick notes, a compact to-do list for daily tasks, or a wall-friendly monthly planner for insightful viewing, our range of planners has got you covered.

100% WASTE

We want you to jot down your writings without guilt or hesitation. That is why our planners are made of 100% waste material, hand-picked from local print and art houses. Why start with a new sheet, when there’s plenty in the bin, right?


Redopapers are not your average paper stationery. Instead of using new paper, we carefully select high-quality misprints, overruns and leftover paper with a unique story, adding unexpected beauty to every page.


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as ticking off completed tasks. Our notepads help you organize your day to the smallest details and offer a fresh start every time you tear off a page.